Internal Vulnerability Assessment

A Beyond Secure Internal Vulnerability Assessment can help locate security vulnerabilities or “weak links” in your company or financial institution’s information systems and technical controls. For this engagement, we send our scanning appliance, the BSI Audit Toolkit, to do the onsite data collection.

The BSI Audit Toolkit uses automated tools to independently collect network data, which BSI then uses to assess technical security controls and identify corrective actions. Assessments may focus on the security process, the information system, or a specific host or network.

Who needs this service?

The Internal Vulnerability Assessment is a subset of the BSI IT/GLBA Audit & Assessment that only looks at your technical IT controls. A narrow scope is typically requested for situations when:

  • An Examiner says you need more technical review
  • Your audit doesn’t include technical controls
  • Independent verification of current technical controls
  • You need an FFIEC compliant technical audit
  • You want to continue a relationship with a CPA or Firm that doesn’t have the IT knowledge and expertise for a thorough technical assessment.

Note: The Internal Vulnerability Assessment does not include an onsite audit as part of the engagement.
Please consult with your account representative for a solution that meets the needs of your company

Scope of Work

  • Patch Management
  • Unsupported Operating Systems
  • Antivirus / Potentially Unauthorized or Malicious Software
  • File Access Controls / Security Logging
  • Local Administrators
  • Sensitive Data Stored on Workstations
  • Active Directory (AD) Accounts & Passwords
  • Firewall & Router Analysis (Cisco, SonicWall, FortiNet, CheckPoint)
  • Virtual Servers (VMware or Hyper-V)

Why Beyond Secure, Inc.?

Knowledge and Expertise:

  • BSI has conducted more than 2500 different IT related audit engagements since 2001.
  • The BSI staff has hundreds of years of accumulated information technology, network, and security experience.
  • Beyond Secure’s security experts hold numerous security certifications, such as CISSP, SSCP, CISM, CISA, and other Microsoft, Sophos and Cisco security specializations.
  • BSI maintains a staff of multiple network engineers.

About us

Beyond Secure is a IT Networking and Security consulting firm headquartered in Austin, Texas. A spin-off of ASA Consulting Group, the company draws on over 30 years of information and network security experience to help you secure the future of your business.

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